First Post!


Hey! Thanks for coming by and checking us out. We are dedicated to producing high quality, hand built, unique ceramics for use by bonsai enthusiasts around the world. Because I don’t use molds or a wheel, you are not likely to see the same pot/glaze combination more than once. To an extent, a lot of our glazes are impossible to reproduce, at least exactly, as they are highly dynamic and fluid in nature. ┬áMost of our pots are fired multiple times to achieve the effects we are after. Look around and check back often, as inventory is always changing.

Why the otter? The kawauso is a mythical Japanese otter, and the namesake of the company. The reason for choosing an otter is simple, as a young man I worked at a zoo. I spent many of my breaks watching the otters play. They didn’t have a plan besides to have fun. In a way my approach to pottery is similar. It has to be functional, but it also has to be fun. And beautiful. Life is way too short for ugly pots.

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